Stay healthy, stay fit! Summer tips

In the summer we could easily put on weight. So what to do to avoid this? First of all drink water. You should drink about 2 litres, it’s important, not just for staying fit, but for being healthy, too. Otherwise you can run dry on a hot summer day. You should eat fruits, for example … Continue reading

Why could be social networks so dangerous?

One of my friends told me last week, that her teenage girl doing nothing, but sitting front of the computer for hours. Then asked her a question, what her daughter exactly doing on the computer? Playing? Listening music? Watching moovies? Then came the shocking answer: just using social networks… Iwas shocked because of her age. … Continue reading

Judging by the cover?

Last weeks I’ve read half dozen arcticles about relationships. Some of them contained very interesting¬† sentences, such as boys love girls with¬† brain rather with miniskirts. What could it mean? I know look is not everything, but everybody know it? In recent days I could see, that more and more people judge by the cover. … Continue reading

Knowledge without learning?

These days I can se more and more ads in the newspapers where language schools offering people useful knowledge without learning. How could it be possible? Anyway, in my opinion, it’s ridiculous, not possible. As I see, there are more effective ways of learning languages, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have to learn. You … Continue reading

Drinking sugar in great amount? No way, thanks…

Today on my way home I saw an owerweight woman reading a magazine about loosing weight. Very simple and average incident, there was a just a little exception: she was drinking a bottle of sugary drink instead drinking water, or some kind of sugarfree stuffs. Nowadays obesity is one of the biggest endemics all over … Continue reading