Drinking sugar in great amount? No way, thanks…

Today on my way home I saw an owerweight woman reading a magazine about loosing weight. Very simple and average incident, there was a just a little exception: she was drinking a bottle of sugary drink instead drinking water, or some kind of sugarfree stuffs.

Nowadays obesity is one of the biggest endemics all over the U.S.A. . People suffering from it, would like to loose weight anyway – or demonstrating they really want to. Some of them start a dangerous crash diet, or take up a sport in better case. They are really careful about what to eat. However there is something most of them forgetting about: if they drink sugar bevarges they are exactly drinking concentrated sugar.

Sugar bevarges not just fatten, but they are harmful to our health. A study showed out drinking theese sugary drinks may cause heart disease. Sugary beverages can add hundreds of calories per day to the diet, increasing risk of obesity and other related health problems.

After these a question comes up: then what should we drink instead theese harmful liquids? Believe it, or not, fruit juice is not a great choice, because of the high amounts of sugar. Although, if the fruit juice is diluted with water, it is still much better than a can of soda. The best choices would be water and green tea.

But be honest…who could avoid soft drinks for a life? The most important to find the balance in our liquid ingestion between sugary and non-sugary liquids. This is the secret of the healthy diet. However sugar in big amount fattens, our body needs sugar to get energy. We have the chance to decide which form we would like to “eat” or “drink” sugar. In my opinion, we just have to keep in mind one thing: do it a sensible, frugal way! Anyway I don’t want to get fat, because of drinking these stuffs, but sometimes it’s great to have a can of “sugar”.


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