Knowledge without learning?

These days I can se more and more ads in the newspapers where language schools offering people useful knowledge without learning. How could it be possible? Anyway, in my opinion, it’s ridiculous, not possible.

As I see, there are more effective ways of learning languages, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have to learn. You must learn, if you would like to communicate in a foreign language.Does it worth to pay for the most expensive language courses without making a resolution. So could you tell me are there any people who want to learn a languge, but exactly in average wouldn’t like to learn? No, there isn’t, however there are dozens of people would like to speak languages without learning! These language schools knows this, and that’s why they have great incomings. But show me people, who learnt languages without learning, because speaking witout learning is impossible.

I admit, there are less demanding methods, like listening to music, or watch movies, but you can’t start it without knowledge. You could improve your language-skill, and pronuncation, but you have to know the language.

Of course, I would like to speak Spanish fluently in three weeks, but we must confess, with zero knowledge, it’s not possimble. And without learning in a month…well, that’s really ridiculous! In case you did it, my admiration is yours!


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