Why you should(n’t) read historical novels..

This weekend I wanted to buy some newspapers and a great book. As I was looking around, I saw bookshelves full of historical novels. So I supposed to take a look at them. I realised a strange thing, almost all of these books was written in the 21th century. It could be an advantage and a disadvantage, too. I mean we have tons of data from different eras, but only God knows if they are genuine, or not.

We have tons of data, but the authors want their book to be genuine, as well? In my point, not in every case. Of course, there are fantastic, super-genuine historical books, but most of them aren’t novels. However there are novels which perfectly describes the society and other things of the era, but the plot is mainly fictitious, or piced together by the author.

As you could see, to study for a history test it’s not the best way to read these novels.

On the other hand, it’s the best way to endear history with your children. Just gave them a simplier one, which is easily understandable. It will be a fantastic experience for them.

But these books wasn’t written only for children. If you would like to relax with a great book, you can find some very interesesting among these novels. Just a useful advice: don’t believe everything….


One thought on “Why you should(n’t) read historical novels..

  1. Guess it depends on what topic in what era. If I’m really into it, I want simple facts. If I’m so so and apt to get bored, a little “novel” might be best.

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