Judging by the cover?

Last weeks I’ve read half dozen arcticles about relationships. Some of them contained very interesting  sentences, such as boys love girls with  brain rather with miniskirts. What could it mean? I know look is not everything, but everybody know it?

In recent days I could see, that more and more people judge by the cover. ( I would like to mention not just other people, but objects as well.) I heard gossips like xy is succesful at her workplace, because she is a bit of meat. Of course there are situations like that, but you can’t be sure if you haven’t gave her the opportunity to have a conversation with you, or even more conversations.

On the other hand I could agree with the miniskirt-sentence. Girls dressed more flashy are often having a bad self confidence. I mean they think they have to dress that way, because they don’t have inner values.
So, before you judge, stop for a minute and give her a chance to talk! In the most case there are jelaoucy in the background, becuase of her advantages. But imagine, how would feel if no one liked you at your workplace? Would your self-confidence get better? I don’t think so.



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