Why could be social networks so dangerous?

One of my friends told me last week, that her teenage girl doing nothing, but sitting front of the computer for hours. Then asked her a question, what her daughter exactly doing on the computer? Playing? Listening music? Watching moovies? Then came the shocking answer: just using social networks… Iwas shocked because of her age. She’s just 12. It wouldn’t be possible to have a profile under 13, but nobody controls if your age is real or not.

She’s just 12, and have no real friends, just online friends. At her age it’s dangerous. People tell things more easily online, so this is dangerous, because she could tell her secrets anyone…. They could abuse with it! Just imagine your 12-year-old daughter telling bulglars (because she doesn’t know they are) that you won’t be at home next week…

It’s a wide-spread problem, so, we, parents should pay more attention!


One thought on “Why could be social networks so dangerous?

  1. definitely agree…no child under 13 should be on a social networking site. and any child, no matter the age (meaning under 18) should be unsupervised.

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