Stay healthy, stay fit! Summer tips

In the summer we could easily put on weight. So what to do to avoid this?

First of all drink water. You should drink about 2 litres, it’s important, not just for staying fit, but for being healthy, too. Otherwise you can run dry on a hot summer day.

You should eat fruits, for example watermelone. It’s great because of its high water content.

Eating wisely is great, but unfortunately not enough. You should do some sports. In the summer swimming is a great choice, but I personally recommend running. It’s a relaxing way to stay fit. I’ve found some very useful websites, connected to running, and I would like to reccommend you 
It’s worth to pay attention to your health, even if it’s hot outside there.


3 thoughts on “Stay healthy, stay fit! Summer tips

  1. As I’m working a lot during the summer writing my book, I can’t get into town to exercise as much as I’d like so I get most of my exercise in the form of gardening. Definitely drink a lot of water during the hot summer months.

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